SMF Response to Consultation on surgical curricula Feb 2016

SMF response to APPG on Choice at the end of life consultation on Assisted Dying November 2012

SMF response to GMC consultation on Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice September 2007

SMF response to Parliamentary Chaplaincy Services Review September 2008

SMF response to Care and Support consultation November 2008

SMF submission to PSHE consultation December 2008

SMF response to NHS guidelines on Religion or Belief January 2009

SMF response to Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice consultation June 2009

SMF response to GMC consultation on End of Life Treatment and Care July 2009

SMF response to Tasmanian Law Reform Institute Issues Paper 14 on Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision August 2009

Joint SMF NSS response to the Interim Policy on Assisted Suicide December 2009

SMF response to General Pharmaceutical Council consultation January 2010

SMF response to Sex and Relationship Education consultation April 2010

Ritual Circumcision letter to the GMC March 2010

August 2010 follow up letter to the GMC

Conscientious Objection in Healthcare SMF Introductory words to European Parliament Platform for Secularism in Politics Sept 2010

SMF comments to GMC pre-consultation on child protection September 2010

SMF response to GMC consultation on child protection Octboer 2011

SMF response to GMC consultation on its core guidance, Good Medical Practice February 2012

Joint SMF/NSS reply to GMC request for pre-consultation comments on GMC guidance on Personal Beliefs and Medical Practice February 2012