Welcome to the Secular Medical Forum

The Secular Medical Forum campaigns for a secular approach to current major health issues.

We are opposed to religious influences in Medicine where these adversely affect the manner in which medical practice is performed. We campaign to protect patients from the harm caused by the imposition of religious values and activities on people who do not share the same values and beliefs.

The SMF directs itself to the improvement of the human condition. SMF members do not recognise the assumed authority of religious bodies and we challenge their traditional privileges in healthcare service provision or decision-making.

Membership of the Secular Medical Forum is open to all health care professionals in the UK and their respective students. Non health care professionals are welcome to join the SMF as associate members. Please contact Dr Antony Lempert at antony@secularmedicalforum.org.uk.

Latest News

Dr Antony Lempert speaks at European Parliament Platform for Secularism in Politics

15 Sep 2010

On 15th September 2010 the SMF was invited to speak at a debate on Conscientious Objection in Healthcare at the European Parliament Platform for Secularism in Politics (EPPSP).

Dr Lempert’s introductory remarks are available to read on the resources page of this website. In his introductory remarks, he said: ‘In contrast to so-called religious needs, there are professional obligations to respond to well-defined healthcare needs which themselves may be jeopardised by acceding to religious demands for special privileges.’

He went on to say: ‘The SMF advocates an end to widespread conscientious objection in healthcare. Instead the focus should be on the responsibility to provide good clinical care and to respect patient autonomy.

In the interim, the SMF recommends that there be a register of objectors freely accessible and locally advertised. Professionals who choose to work in areas which may bring them into conflict with their personal views should set aside their own views if that is in the best interests of their patient. If they cannot do that, then they should responsibly choose to work in another field.’


SMF responds to DCSF Sex and Relationship Education consultation

13 Apr 2010

In April 2010 the SMF responded to the Sex and Relationship Education Consultation by the Department of Children, Schools and Families. We argued that the very children who might most need this education are often the ones denied unbiased informative information by religious schools or by religious parents.