Joint SMF/NSS Response to draft NHS Chaplaincy guidelines 2014

21 Oct 2014

Joint SMF/NSS Response to draft NHS Chaplaincy guidelines 2014

This is a joint response on behalf of the National Secular Society and Secular Medical Forum.

Earlier this year, NHS England published draft NHS Chaplaincy guidelines. Despite being a public consultation, we are aware of no public consultation document. No information about the consultation has been made available on the NHS England consultation and engagement website.

Nevertheless, you can read the draft chaplaincy guideline document here. The Secular Medical Forum and the National Secular Society have published their joint response, and you can read the joint SMF/NSS response here.


The Secular Medical Forum (SMF) is a non-profit organisation run by volunteer healthcare professionals working to protect patients from the harm or disadvantage caused by the imposition on them of other people’s personal religious views. The SMF campaigns for equality of service delivery and employment within the NHS in terms of belief or religious affiliation.

The National Secular Society (NSS) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organisation founded in 1866, funded by its members and by donations. The NSS advocates separation of religion and state and promotes secularism as the best means to create a society in which people of all religions or none can live together fairly and cohesively.




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