Should infant circumcision no longer be permitted? Join the debate: Wed 16th Oct, 7.30pm in Oxford

13 Oct 2013

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This Wednesday 16th October, SMF Chair Dr Antony Lempert will debate with the Jewish human rights barrister Adam Wagner on the topic: “This House believes non-therapeutic infant male circumcision should no longer be permitted” in Oxford at 7:30pm in The Wig and Pen on George Street.


Adam Wagner debates Antony Lempert


The SMF encourages all to attend for what promises to be a lively and enlightening debate!

Dr Antony Lempert is a GP and Chair of the Secular Medical Forum and has debated on this topic previously, including with Jonathan Arkush of the Board of Deputies. Adam Wagner is a barrister at 1 Crown Office Row chambers, and editor of the UK Human Rights blog.

The SMF is a not for profit organisation dedicated to protecting patients from the harmful imposition of doctors’ and other people’s personal religious beliefs. The SMF is run by volunteer healthcare professionals.


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