SMF challenges Ed Miliband’s naive support for ritual circumcision

24 Jul 2013

PRESS RELEASE – 24 July 2013 (No embargo)


On 7 March 2013, Ed Miliband told an audience in London that he supports ritual genital cutting of children.  In reference to circumcision and kosher food, the leader of the Labour party said:

“These are important traditions … Ways of life must be preserved.”

The Secular Medical Forum condemns this announcement and asks Mr Miliband to rethink his support for ritual genital cutting.

It is a Jewish tradition to cut off the foreskin of baby boys when they are eight days old.  This operation was described by the Royal Dutch Medical Association as a ‘violation of children’s rights to autonomy and physical integrity’ and it was recently declared unlawful by a district court in Cologne. The Secular Medical Forum questions why Mr Miliband supports ritual circumcision, given that it exposes the child to significant risks including bleeding, infection and death.

The Secular Medical Forum calls on Mr Miliband to prioritise the rights of children over harmful religious traditions. He should not be misled by misplaced allegations of anti-semitism against those striving to protect children from harm. Indeed, it is those who would permit circumcision of children of Jewish parents who are failing to guarantee them the protection otherwise afforded to gentile children. These children should not be denied the safeguarding afforded by ethical principles and practice which have already outlawed any other permanent, medically unnecessary surgery on non-consenting minors. Supporters of ritual genital cutting, including Mr Miliband, should not attempt to preserve a way of life at the expense of the genital integrity of a child who is too young to give consent to the operation.

The SMF works to protect all people from the imposition of other people’s beliefs in medicine.  The SMF supports freedom of religion, alongside freedom from religion, especially for children. The SMF campaigns against all forms of ritual genital cutting and campaigns for a safer world where children can grow up with an intact body and can make their own decisions later in life.  The SMF is a non-profit campaign organisation run by volunteers for the protection of patients.


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